Friday, February 25, 2011

Photos of Firsts

I know 5 months isn't really a milestone, but I can't help but feel nostalgic. I ran across pictures from when Zoey was first born and it feels like a million years ago; she doesn't even look like the same baby (but I hear that is normal).

So, without further ado, a picture montage (drink a lot, smoke a little, squint, and just pretend the pictures are moving to music) of Zoey's Firsts.

Taken by Daddy minutes after she was born.
Getting ready to go home in our very first outfit. It says, "Just Made."
As you can see, she was beyond thrilled.
Arriving at home for the first time. Louis, trying to figure out his place in this new situation. Five months later and he still hasn't figured it out.
First-time Daddy.

Her first Glamour. I submitted this picture to the magazine as part of the Where Has Your Glamour Been? column but it never got published. They did respond, though, and congratulated me on my beautiful new baby girl.
The first time she fell asleep in her bouncy chair. Now she is too big for it. But before moving to the crib, this was her napping chair.

The first time I put her on her tummy. She was not impressed. Even now she doesn't really like being on her tummy, but knows it's the only way she can get places on her own right now (once she learns how. Right now she is just beyond frustrated that she can't go anywhere; she so desperately wants to).
Zoey's first cold. And unfortunately it happened only a few days after she was born. Daddy developed a cold while I was in the hospital, which I eventually caught, and then so did Zoey. Jacob said to me one day, "I wish she would just have a giant sneeze one day to get it all out." About 20 later, she did!
Her first LBD (little black dress). She wore this the first time I took her to the office to meet everyone.

Her first shopping trip. We kept things mellow, going to the Target closest to our house that is very rarely ever filled with people. I was beyond scared to take her out in public - I still am - but the almost-empty store made it a little better.

Her first Louis-kiss. In her short life, she has received many - 100% of which Jacob and I were too slow to stop.
Her first time on her play mat on her tummy. Mere seconds after this pictures was taken, she was screaming. Now she loves to lay on her mat, although she rarely stays on it, deciding she'd rather be somewhere else and taking off rolling.

First time - outside of the Oven, at least - at Cooney Dam where we like to take the dogs to run, swim, and generally be dogs.

Jacob started working 8am-4pm about a month into my maternity leave, which was a Godsend! But before that happened, he was working 1pm-9pm. I liked to bring him dinner, especially if we didn't have a lot that he could take for lunch. So this is one of the first times Zoey and I brought Daddy lunch/dinner at work.
First Halloween. We didn't do much, and we didn't even get any trick-or-treaters. We did, however, in anticipating, turn all of the lights off and hung out in the "downstairs" portion of the house.

Durbin, starting his first shift as one of the keepers of Zoey.

For some reason, one day I decided to put her in her crib for a nap for the first time. All bundled in the afghan from her Great Aunt Karen, she slept relatively sound. At 3 weeks old, I moved her out of our bedroom and into her own; we all started sleeping much better. We've since removed all of the toys because now its her bed instead of a fancy storage container.

Our first walk around the neighborhood. Like most babies, she loved being in her carrier. We have a larger one that we're going to use next month when we visit Grandma and Grandpa in Tucson.

These last 2 aren't 'firsts' of any kind; I just think she looks adorable in her girly outfits!

Her first Christmas, and she received her first Elmo. It was love (and chew) at first site (and bite)!

The first morning she woke up and was all smiles all day. To start, she'd only have a few smiles for me in the morning. Then one day she woke up and decided she loved the world! She also might have been a little thrilled that she hung out in her Z pajamas all morning too.

Zoey's first time voting. We stood in line for over an hour, and although she was probably in need of several things, she was an absolute peach. She must have understood that we weren't leaving until we voted and voted Democrat.
Just after one of the first times she rolled over.
Her first bath without the newborn safety hammock thing. It was also her first bath with the rubber duckies she was gifted by a friend of mine at work. Now she can't take a bath without Mommy and baby ducky, even clinging to the mom with her feet as I lift her out of the tub.

And while I'm sad that her baby days are rapidly moving behind her, I'm excited for all of the new things yet to come (well, most new things)!