Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Obligatory First Post Post

Well, considering Zoey will be 5-months old tomorrow, we're a little late to this game. Whoopsie.

As I write, Zoey is being babysat by her Aunt Rachael (Jacob's sister). Jacob and I are so thankful she is being taken care of by family and we don't have to put her in daycare. Even after being back to work since the beginning of December, I still don't think I could handle it. But I don't think it ever gets easier. I swear, after we get home each day, she's bigger than she was that morning.

I found this onesie at Target one day, on sale. I figured Rachael would think it was cool so I bought it and packed it in the diaper bag I send with her every day. When Zoey got home, she was wearing it and I said, "I knew your auntie would find that!" Jacob said, "Yeah, it really made Rachael happy. She took a bunch of pictures." So here is one!

For Christmas, Aunt Rachael also got her some real Montana-lookin' boots. But in pink, naturally! For the most part, Zoey is a very happy baby, but when we put the boots on her, she was instantly in model-mode!

Zoey will go to the doctor next month - a new pediatrician whom I ADORE! Our first doctor was a bit of a dink, taking time from our appointment to google the meaning and origin of Zoey's name. Interesting, yes. Helpful and what he's getting paid for, no. I just happened to find her because I didn't want a doctor with any specialty, just general pediatrics. And I really lucked out.

Next month Zoey will also start solid foods. We've begun with baby oatmeal (more nutritional value than rice cereal) but she hasn't quite got the hang of the spoon. Guiltily, though, we haven't been working with her much on the usage of utensils, so Jacob and I have to mimic the motion of eating in order to get her to open her mouth wide enough for the baby spoon. She is very interested in the cereal, always grabbing at the bowl and wanting more. But when it gets into her mouth, she just looks confused and 90% of it winds up on her chin, cheeks, chest, and any and all clothing. We've given her a few taste of mashed potatoes and banana, which she seemed to really like. But that could also be because she was sucking on our fingers, leading to...

Drumroll please.....

Her first tooth!

Such a trooper, Jacob and I had no idea she was about to break her first tooth; one day Rachael just happened to notice it. *crossing fingers this trend lasts through all of the teeth she breaks*

She is the 95th percentile for height (thank you, Donahue side of the family) and 75th for weight; so even though she's got some chunky-monkey thighs, she's well on her way to becoming a supermodel! She already has the puking-after-she-eats thing down.

Lest we forget, her parents, we spend most of our time thinking about Zoey, talking about Zoey, playing with Zoey, looking at Zoey, looking at pictures of Zoey, and checking on Zoey. No, we do make time for ourselves but, obviously, after Zoey has gone to bed and we're not required to be "on." And now my brain has completely frozen because I've moved on to discussing something other than Zoey.

So I guess it's time for me to call it a day, finish up at work, and head home so Zoey can do more fun, fabulous things that I can share.