Thursday, February 24, 2011

Five Months, Going on 30 Years

The parental manta: man! Time flies so fast!

Pretty soon Zoey will be off to college. Shit, her first morning as a 5-month old and she's ready to face the world alone!

Jacob and I went to bed late last night so the last time I checked on her was around 12:30am. When we bought her Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit, it was just a touch too big, but that was the point; she hadn't yet learned to soothe herself back to sleep and was still very prone to having her arms fly up and smack her in the face. It was the perfect transition from the Swaddle, of which bucking in her crib every 2 hours taught us she no longer needed. She's grown into the suit to the point where she can slink all of her appendages into the suit if she's chilly, or stick them all out if she's warm. When I went to check on her last night, she had pulled her left arm through the sleeve of the suit, then up through the neck-hole so she could suck her thumb. She was sleeping happily with her thumb in her mouth. I told Jacob what she looked like and said, "So we'll probably have to get up and fix that at some point during the night," since I figured she'd wake up and be ticked her arm was stuck.


She woke up at 5:30am - which she does quite frequently - and jabbered to herself in her crib. At around 5:45am she had been silent for a few minutes so I went in to check on her. She had her left arm back through the sleeve like normal, with her thumb in her mouth and her eyes wide open. She turned her head to look up at me but kept her thumb in her mouth. I just turned and walked out and she slept for another hour. "Hey mom. Yeah, I'm cool, I don't need anything."

Before going to bed we were taking pictures of Zoey on the floor. She'd move around and giggle but as soon as Jacob pressed the shutter, she'd freeze and be in instant pose-mode. I think we have a diva on our hands....
Her moody pose.

As Tyra would say, "She's smiling with her eyes; she smizing."

Sitting up by herself, sans diaper. It's just a much easier way to do things.

Jacob and I can't believe she is 5-months old, and how much she is capable of. She is an extremely strong girl whose favorite thing to do besides hang out in her ExerSaucer is fly around the air and play Superbaby with Daddy.

She loves being on Daddy's shoulder's too, which I am also partial to her doing. The last time Daddy hoisted her up there, she grabbed on to his long hair like horse reins then threw up all over him, prompting him to bust out the razor right then and there. But to curb any chance of Zoey not recognizing him post haircut, we took her into the bathroom where all 3 of us (and including the dogs once in awhile) watched Daddy shave his head.

She is fascinated with the television remote and knows exactly when it's being used, even if we've hidden it. When things start to change on the TV, she looks around for the remote, not giving two craps about any of the toys she might have in her lap. She's too smart for our own good; we'll have to pen her up soon. It must have been all of that health food I ate while I was pregnant.

Speaking of, thanks to the health kick Zoey insisted I go on when I was pregnant with her, I now have a very low tolerance for anything that doesn't already exist in nature. So between eating like a rabbit, taking care of Zoey, cleaning, doing laundry, and joining my friend, Mer, at the gym every week (albeit only once every week; I'm so hard-core) I'm undoubtedly too skinny and require a brand new wardrobe. I know, such a shame.

Tonight is a gym-night, which we use primarily to gossip and catch up on regular life. That might also be why I'm so skinny; neither of us shuts up while on the elliptical. So Daddy and Zoey will spend some quality time together watching Top Gear on the BBC (if she winds up with a British accent, I'm going to be pissed).

It's pretty cold here - -16-degrees with windchill. Tonight it's supposed to be even colder so at least we have each other to snuggle up to!